My Interview with “Daddy Blogger” on Work-Family Balance for Dads

Ricky Shetty of Daddy Blogger recently interviewed me for his blog and youtube channel.


The interview is about 17 minutes long, and we cover a range of topics:

  • General advice for dads
  • The different joys and challenges kids of different ages present for dads
  • Advice for new, first-time and expectant dads
  • Enjoying your kids
  • Light-saber battles
  • Building networks with other local dads (see related article here for more)
  • Juggling work and family
  • Dual-career couples (see here)
  • Negotiating for flexibility at work (see here)
  • Setting priorities about time and money (see here)
  • Protecting family time from encroachment by work demands/emails, etc. (see here)
  • The challenges faced by modern, highly involved working dads (see here)
  • How everyone (dads, kids, moms, society) benefits from involved dads

If you have the time, please watch. If the embed above does not work, try the following link:

Thanks! Let me know what you think about any of these topics.

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