Friday Humor: What People Think Telecommuters Do…

what people think i do telecommute
What People Think Telecommuters Do

This is my first attempt at a meme–feedback is appreciated. Have a great weekend!

Next week, I’ll run an article about 3 common forms of work flexibility and a Q&A with the author of a great new parenting book.

5 thoughts on “Friday Humor: What People Think Telecommuters Do…

  1. Very True, although I note that the toddler hasn’t made off with your mobile phone yet! I’ve a key board with 3 missing keys courtesy of home working with a toddler in the house. And my Iphone has more kids games than any other app.

  2. That could be used for Salesmen too… I had a home office when in-between customer appointments and didn’t want to go to the office if out of the way… I laughed out loud on this one… great work!

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