Idiots Mike Francesa, Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton Are So Very Very Wrong About MLB Paternity Leave

Idiots Mike Francesa, Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason said awful things in reaction to the Mets’ Daniel Murphy’s recent paternity leave. Their ugly, ignorant remarks are a disgrace and need to be repudiated in the strongest possible terms.

Boomer and Carton are idiots
Boomer and Carton are idiots

The wife of NY Mets’ second baseman Daniel Murphy went into labor just before opening day. He missed their first game of the season, and may miss one or two more. As I have reported here at FWF multiple times, MLB is the first major league sport to provide players with up to 72 hours of paternity leave. I am on record that this policy sends an important public signal about the importance of fatherhood.

Within baseball, there is near-universal support for paternity leave. Among fans and the public, there is also widespread, albeit not universal, support for paternity leave. And, in fact, Murphy is one of three players to avail himself of paternity leave since the season began (Carl Crawford and Jimmy Rollins have as well, to no real criticism).

However, today, three idiots with huge media platforms (WFAN radio, YES Network and Fox Sports)- Mike Francesa, Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton- criticized Daniel Murphy and his wife in some of the most Neanderthal terms possible. From HardBallTalk’s Craig Calcaterra:

…in Esiason’s words, Murphy should “get his ass back to work.” Boomer also says that Murphy’s wife should’ve had a C-section before the season started so Murphy didn’t miss any time…

For his part, Mike Francesa called paternity leave “a scam-and-a-half” and started ranting about the very concept of paternity leave.

Paternity leave has been shown to have a number of huge benefits, including but not limited to helping forge stronger family bonds and benefiting women who desire to go back into the workforce following the birth of their children. At least one study has shown that the lack of paternal involvement in infant care is significantly associated with the intensity of maternal postpartum depression.

Maybe a rich professional athlete’s partner has financial and personal resources great enough to where the father’s absence can be made up for in part, thereby limiting the necessity of paternity leave compared to that of normal people. But mocking an athlete for taking paternity leave like this is to mock the very concept of paternity leave altogether and to make it seem that much more unacceptable for men to do the right thing and be there for their child and its mother at the most critical of times (emphasis mine).

While it’s ridiculous that anyone listens to these yakkers and takes anything approaching an example from them, the fact is that many do. Shame on these neanderthals for mocking paternity leave in general and Daniel Murphy specifically.

First, off, way to go Craig Calcaterra! I completely agree with him that paternity leave is good for dads, mom, kids, families and society. It is especially important considering most dads, at best, cobble together 1-2 weeks of unpaid leave and many have no real options to arrange for more time.

Second, shame on Francesa, Esiason and Carton. Not everyone has to be on board with supporting fathers and families, I guess. However, it crosses the line to suggest that someone have an un-needed major surgery, with all of the attendant risks to mother and baby, to uphold some outdated model of masculinity. Simply disgusting.

As a NY sports fan, I have listened to these guys a fair amount over the past few years. Never again. I’m done with them. We should all do the same.

What do you think about paternity leave? These idiots’ comments? Let’s discuss in the comments section.

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28 thoughts on “Idiots Mike Francesa, Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton Are So Very Very Wrong About MLB Paternity Leave

  1. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head about why the comments you’ve described were so out of order. It sounds like the anti-paternity leave comments are based on a notion that some sort of over-riding loyalty to the team should mean that players shouldn’t take leave to which they’re entitled at the time of a major life event.

    This notion of loyalty needs to be turned on its head. Fans also need to show loyalty, and that means supporting their players’ decisions to put their family first at key times. I would have thought that the vast majority of sports fans would put their own family before their sport, so it’s a shame to hear people calling into question the right of sports people to put their family first.

    • Here in the US, Sports Radio is about the most ill-informed media there is- lots of knuckle-draggers saying things for shock value. So, I don’t think their views are representative, but, nevertheless, needs to be called out.

  2. I agree, total idiots! What they fail to understand is that your sports career is finite, your kids are yours forever. Get the priorities straight!

  3. These guys lives revolve around sports. Sometimes, they forget that there are things in life much more important than sports or any job for that matter. Let Murphy and the others have the time with their families. That is where they are needed most – not on the field.

  4. Well, you obviously already know what I think. Well said. Paternity leave SHOULD be a thing. I think it’s important for father’s to be involved from the get-go.

  5. Someone needs to share with these guys that baseball players really aren’t that important. They provide entertainment, kind of like a Ferris wheel, it’s cool but anyone can live without it. Fatherhood on the other hand is very important. Well done Mr. Murphy, so happy to see a professional athlete that gets it. Well done to Boomer as well, once again verifying that your arrogance is only surpassed by your ignorance.

    • It strikes me that a lot of people forget that athletes and celebrities, in the end, are just people who mostly want the same things as the rest of us. they may have more fame and money, but at heart people are people and should be treated as such.

  6. I am a loyal listener to both programs as I love New York sports and the antics of Boomer and Carton are hysterical, but after these past two days of pure ignorance of a huge social hot topic in this country, and one that I am a fervent supporter of a men’s role vastly super ceding just being a baby sitter in fatherhood. I will no longer be listening to people who ignore the fact that even the remote possibly of only a few of of their listeners (I’m sure it’s more than I would even guess) would be irate over their blindness to a family issue, and this case, a MALE issue. They truly do not have the pulse of the people and should never be up for those awards again.


  7. Craig Carton are you kidding I don’t know how he is on the radio such a jerk and loser another reason to listen to espn the fan is a joke mike, Craig and boomer no class at all your wives must be so proud of you!!!!!!.

  8. I think people forget that baseball is just a game. Watching your child being born is a once in a life time thing. I use to like Boomer on CBS pregame show, but no more. I’ll watch FOX instead.

  9. Boomer is in the super bowl of stupidity…he should ride into the sportscasters hall of shame for his disgraceful, insulting rant about a ball player taking time to be with his wife during childbirth…idiotic, moronic and beyond belief…hang em up Boomer, you are done!

  10. The author of this is obviously a pussy whipped bitch. A mans job is to provide for his family not grovel at his wife’s feet 24/7 which is what this guy obviously does.

    • Wow. You actually spelled some words correctly and somewhat used proper grammar. I’m surprised considering you are a product of an ill-tempered relationship that resulted in falling on your “brain-containing” head.

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