Juggling Work and Family During School Holidays

I love spending time with Nick, but school holidays sometimes leave me scrambling
I love spending time with Nick, but school holidays sometimes leave me scrambling

This September has had lots of school holidays for my son- Labor Day, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur- leaving our carefully prepared family schedule in shambles. Here are some ideas how we can adjust when school’s out.

Like most working parents, my wife and I have come to rely upon our son’s school as an important cog in the machinery that keeps our work-family juggle humming along.

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Reader Reviews of The Working Dad’s Survival Guide

What do the first batch of reader reviews on Amazon.com have to say about the Working Dad’s Survival Guide? Thankfully, so far, really good things.

Book coverHands down, the scariest and most exciting part of writing a book is launching it out into the world to see how the market, and more importantly, how readers react.

What if no one cares? Worse, what if people don’t like it?

I’m very happy to report that the early returns on The Working Dad’s Survival Guide are strong (It was initially the #1 Best Seller for Job Markets and Advice on Amazon). But more importantly, the book is out there helping people. Here’s what readers have to say about The Working Dad’s Survival Guide (now available as an e-book and audio book!) through their reviews on Amazon:

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200 Business Professors for Paid Family Leave

I/m not alone in supporting paid family leave. Here's why
I’m not alone in supporting paid family leave. Join us.

200 business professors support paid family leave and have petitioned Congress. Here’s why.

Business school professors are situated at a very interesting crossroads.

On one hand, we are very well connected to the business community. Most of us interact with executives and managers on an ongoing basis. We keep up with industry best practices. Many consult with leading firms. We write for practitioner outlets and trade magazines. We provide executive training and education to those near the top of organizational charts, as well as MBA classes to those on the first few rungs of the ladder. In many ways, and through many means, we are very plugged into the concerns of the business community.

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Fatherhood and Empathy: Author Q&A with Torsten Klaus

Empathy and fatherhood. Torsten Klaus' very authentic and readable book of encouragement and advice.
Fatherhood and empathy. Torsten Klaus’ very authentic and readable book of encouragement and advice.

One of the cool things about publishing a book is that you get to become “book friends” with other authors in your field. A few weeks ago, Torsten Klaus and I exchanged books. I want to share some of the wisdom and perspective from his book, The Empathic Father, which I recommend. Here’s my Q&A with Torsten, focusing on his advice on fatherhood and empathy.

1. Your book covers a wide range of issues- birth plans, attachment parenting, sex after childbirth, child discipline, work-family balance, how couples argue, active listening, etc. The through-line is the importance of leading with empathy. Can you explain how empathy can influence how dads can handle such a wide range of parenting and marriage-related challenges?

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