Value Your Time

If you value your time, you are more likely to make choices consistent with your priorities.

If you value your time, you'll make the most out of it.
If you value your time, you’ll make the most out of it. (flickr/creative commons)

They say time is money. I think it is more accurate to say that time is value. But unlike most things of value, time is the one resource that we can never get back. Which means we should all be very judicious in choosing what we do with our time. If we do this, so much falls into place, and we can make choices that are consistent with our priorities.

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How to Turn Valentine’s Day Into 5 Date Nights

What's better than one Valentine's Day? Five!
What’s better than one Valentine’s Day? Five! (photo credit:

I’m a big fan of Valentine’s Day. Yes, I’m a romantic at heart, but I also think that Valentine’s Day is an important time to reinforce  the romantic side of our relationships. Between work, home and co-parenting, it’s deceptively easy to let romance slide. We can use Valentine’s Day to reconnect.

But, you know, Valentine’s Day is just one day. Is there a way we can leverage it to open up the opportunity for multiple date nights?

Yes there is. Here’s how:

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