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Fathers, Work and Family is a blog dedicated to helping fathers balance work and family and to encouraging more supportive workplaces. I hope you find FWF to be a valuable resource, a fun place to visit, and a place where working dads can feel that they are not alone in their work-family challenges.

Thanks to our early bonding, Nick and I have been tight through his whole life
Thanks to our early bonding, Nick and I have been tight through his whole life

The blog draws some from my own life as a busy working dad and the experiences of the working dads I know. It is also based on my academic and professional background in work-family issues in the workplace. This article sums up the blog nicely.

Fathers, Work and Family shares personal stories and advice for dads, highlights company best practices, translates academic research and comments on current events relating to work-family. Some articles will be very personal, others will focus more on current events, media controversies and business practices. I cover a wide range of topics, as you can see in the categories list on the right hand side of the screen.

I am also very open and responsive to reader feedback, so please comment on posts and follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more information pertaining to working dads. I do run guest content from time to time, so fell free to contact me if you’d like to contribute to the site.

Blog Policies:

No Sponsored Content, Not Ever– I do not, and never will, attempt to monetize the editorial parts of this blog- no advertorials, hidden marketing, sponsored articles, giveaways or paid links (I reserve the right to maybe run small ads down the road). I want to start a conversation and do some good. You can be sure none of what appears here is co-opted or influenced by monetary interests. If I happen to write about a company, book, product or brand, it will always be my honest opinion, and will not have been influenced by money.

Re-blogging and Reposting– You are welcome to reblog or repost content from this site ONLY with permission or by properly citing me as the source of the content. You should use the following language (or something very similar) when reposting: Original content from the Fathers, Work and Family blog, www.fathersworkandfamily.com by Scott Behson, PhD. Originally published on [date]. All writing here falls under my copyright, and I will assert my rights vigorously if my work is inappropriately used.

Guest Content– I occasionally run guest content, mostly from readers and my personal/professional networks. However, guest posts must be specific to fathers’ work-family issues, consistent with the tone and style of this blog, and must not be promotional in nature. If you are interested in guest posting, please contact me and we can bat some ideas around.

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