200 Business Professors for Paid Family Leave

I/m not alone in supporting paid family leave. Here's why
I’m not alone in supporting paid family leave. Join us.

200 business professors support paid family leave and have petitioned Congress. Here’s why.

Business school professors are situated at a very interesting crossroads.

On one hand, we are very well connected to the business community. Most of us interact with executives and managers on an ongoing basis. We keep up with industry best practices. Many consult with leading firms. We write for practitioner outlets and trade magazines. We provide executive training and education to those near the top of organizational charts, as well as MBA classes to those on the first few rungs of the ladder. In many ways, and through many means, we are very plugged into the concerns of the business community.

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Netflix and Paternity Leave- A Golden Age? Not Quite Yet.

Have companies like Netflix ushered in a Golden Age of Paternity Leave? Not quite yet.
Netflix and paternity leave! Have companies ushered in a Golden Age of Paternity Leave? Not quite yet.

We seem to be living in a sudden Golden Age of Paternity Leave.

In the past two months, I’ve seen glowing news reports of major, influential companies such as Virgin Atlantic, IBM, Ernst & Young, Twitter, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, T-Mobile, Facebook, Bank of America, and Microsoft adopting or significantly expanding their paternity leave policies. The latest and greatest announcement is of Netflix and paternity leave- both new moms and new dads can take up to a year of unlimited paid parental leave. That’s practically Swedish of them.

I am thrilled by this rapid progress, and especially by Netflix’s policy. However, during this exciting sweep of announcements, it is easy to forget that the adoption of paid paternity leave is just a first step in creating societal awareness of the importance of involved fatherhood, and the need for corporate cultures to assist men in their work-family challenges.

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Female CEOs Support Paternity Leave

Female CEOs voiced their support for paternity leave
Female CEOs voiced their support for paternity leave

As if we needed another reason why we need more women in leadership!

Last week, I wrote about a Miami Herald CEO Roundtable in which they asked various male and female CEOs about paternity leave. Did they feel it was important? Do they offer it?

The responses of the male CEOs was decidedly mixed. Ranging from the depressing:

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Male CEOs Are Split on the Importance of Paternity Leave

miamiThe Miami Herald asked a panel of CEOs about paternity leave. Some male CEOs supported it, but others seem stuck in the Dark Ages.

Fact: Paternity leave benefits dads, kids, moms and families, and even improves the bottom line.

Fact: One becomes CEO after either founding a company and, through insanely hard work, making it thrive, OR by putting in intense hours at work for a few decades.

Fact: Most male CEOs today have at-home wives, and have not had to directly confront the same types of work-family challenges that most of their workforce faces.

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Working Dads and Parental Leave: My MSNBC Interview

One of the reasons I wrote The Working Dad’s Survival Guide was to help draw attention to the challenges faced by working dads and how corporate and public policy can address them. So I was thrilled when I was asked on to MSNBC to discuss my book, working dads and parental leave. Please click below to … Read more

The French Know How to Live

Nick and I in Nice (2005)
Nick and I in Nice (2005)

35-hour  work weeks. No calls after work. 2-hour lunch breaks. Red wine. Good food. The Riviera. The French know how to live…

Many French workers have the legal right not to be contacted after they leave the office. (A quick side note, The Working Dad’s Survival Guide still going strong as the #1 New Release in Job Markets & Advice! Get yours today)

From The Independent UK:

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Father’s Day is Over. Don’t Forget About Working Dads

The Working Dad’s Survival Guide was featured nationwide on NBC News

It’s no secret why I launched The Working Dad’s Survival Guide (still Amazon’s #1 New Release in Job Markets & Advice!) just a few weeks before Father’s Day. This is the one time of the year when working dads’ concerns get the attention and publicity they deserve. In fact, lots of the media I’ve done was packaged as part of Father’s Day news items.

I’m proud of this work, but I think it would be a shame if the concerns of working fathers recede into the background, now that Father’s Day is over. After all, we are dads throughout the entire year.

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Work-Family News Roundup, May 2015

You can pre-order my book now!
You can pre-order my book now!

Here are some of my favorite links and news items about working dads and work-life policy from the past few months.

But first, a reminder that my book, The Working Dad’s Survival Guide, launches June 9th, and is available for pre-order on Amazon.com now (What a great Father’s Day gift idea for you or for one of the dads in your life!)


Here’s some of what I’ve been up to, followed by links to my favorite recent articles:

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Why Amazon Family Matters

Click to join 11,000+ in signing the Change.org petition

For the past few weeks, many in the dad blogging community have united around the cause to get Amazon.com to change the name of their parent-centric shopping site from “Amazon Mom” to “Amazon Family.”

To many, verbiage like “Amazon Mom” seems like a small concern. In the grand scheme of things, I guess it is. However, to me, these words are an indicator of how our society often undervalues fathers and, by implication, places an unfair burden on mothers. After all, if only “moms” are full “parents,” so much of the burden shifts to them. Many others have written about the societal implications of such messaging for both moms and dads, so today, I’d like to focus on how this notion that parenting is woman’s work insidiously makes its way into corporate culture- to the detriment of working dads, working moms, kids and employers themselves.

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Richard Sherman’s Baby Is Due Just in Time for the Super Bowl. What Should He Do?

UPDATE: The baby arrived Thursday morning, so no decision was needed. Mom, dad and baby are all doing great. Congrats!

Dad-to-be Richard Sherman faces a dilemma. (photo used via creative commons license)
Dad-to-be Richard Sherman faces a dilemma. (photo used via creative commons license)

Seattle Seahawk cornerback and media lightning-rod Richard Sherman’s girlfriend is due to give birth to their first child any day now, and of course Sunday is the Super Bowl.

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SOTU, Swiffer, Buzzfeed, The Onion and Ruth Bader Ginsberg: Work-Family News Roundup January 2015

Fatherhood, Work and Family have been in the news a lot lately. Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite content from the past few months.

book man bike

First, here’s what I’ve been up to:

Now, on to the round-up:

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TMZ, Rock and Roll, Flextime, Paternity Leave and Football: Work-Family News Roundup, November 2014

Here’s our monthly round-up of my favorite fathers, work and family-related news and analysis from the past month

And, now, the latest fathers, Work and Family news
And, now, the latest Fathers, Work and Family news

First, here’s what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve been very busy at the Huffington Post, publishing three articles:

I was interviewed for the Knights of Columbus’ excellent website that promotes involved fatherhood- Fathers for Good. Here’s the transcript of our Q&A, entitled “Father Time

Catalyst, a leading Work-Family advocacy and consulting organization reposted my article about the “CEO Dads” for their On the MARC (Men Advocating Real Change) website “Another CEO Chooses Fatherhood

And, now to the best of the rest:

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