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I am proud to be a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review Blog

Scott Behson is regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review Blog

  • My first article, “What’s a Working Dad to Do?” discusses how dads who try to accommodate work for family often face significant negative career stigma, and what we working dads can do about it.
  • My next, “Don’t Treat Your Career Marathon Like a Sprint,” focuses on the dangers of chronic overwork and gives advice on preventing it. This article was shared on social media over 7000 times, making it one of HBR’s most-read blog posts of the year.
  • My third, “Lean In- To a Balanced Life.” discusses a need to consider Work-Life balance in career planning.
  • My fourth, “How to Be a Family-Friendly Boss” guides managers who want to be supportive of their employees while still upholding performance and accountability. This was HBR’s most re-tweeted article during its first week of publication.
  • My fifth, “Increase Workplace Flexibility and Boost Performance” helps managers get the most out of flexibility while avoiding potential pitfalls.
  • My sixth, “Work-Life Balance Through Interval Training” discusses the need for a well-rounded approach to both work and family life to ensure long-term sustainable performance in both roles. This article was shared over 8000 times in the first week, and is already one of HBR’s most read posts of the year.
  • I was asked to write a special Father’s Day article for HBR. “The Rise of the Hands-On Dad” celebrates the progress made in media, business and society when it comes to recognizing and addressing the concerns of working fathers.
  • Relax, You Have 168 Hours This Week,” is a time management thought exercise with advise on how to better plan and prioritize to make sure you have time for a successful career, family involvement and time for life. This article was also a “most read” article at HBR.
  • Hot off the presses is my latest- “Flex Time Doesn’t Need to Be an HR Policy,” which discusses the importance of informal workflex and comments on the results of a great study from the Working Mother Research Institute.

Watch for future content soon.


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