SOTU, Swiffer, Buzzfeed, The Onion and Ruth Bader Ginsberg: Work-Family News Roundup January 2015

Fatherhood, Work and Family have been in the news a lot lately. Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite content from the past few months.

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First, here’s what I’ve been up to:

Now, on to the round-up:

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Huggies Have “Come A Long Way, Baby” in Depicting Fathers

In one year, Huggies’ advertising went from depicting dads as incompetent boobs to depicting them as capable involved parents. Here’s a brief analysis of how and why they made the change.

What a difference a year makes!

That was then:

ABC News' coverage of Huggies March 2012 ads that depicted dads as "hapless and hopeless in caring for their babies"
ABC News’ coverage of Huggies’ March 2012 ads that depicted dads as “hapless and hopeless in caring for their babies” (click on the picture to watch the piece)

Way back in the Stone Age of March 2012, Huggies ran some ads to show that their diapers could stand up to the “toughest test”- incompetent bumbling dads who don’t know the first thing about caring for kids or changing diapers- after all, they are too busy watching sports and being dumb to be competent. They also built a facebook campaign around getting women to test out Huggies with their incompetent husbands for 5 days and share their stories.

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Yes, Dads Do Laundry. Tide’s NFL TV Ads Prove It.

Dads are men. Dads are involved at home. Marketers, catch on or you are missing a big opportunity.  

Tide’s recent (non-miracle stain) ad campaign (see videos below) targets fathers because, you know, men actually shop and do housework…

First a Quick Aside- After I had written this article, Tide went ahead with another brilliant spot for its Super Bowl Commercial: Joe Montana Miracle Stain!  (although the ad is not relevant to my article, it was a great ad, and it helps my SEO to include it)

Ok. Now on to the article!

Men do laundry

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