Ladies, Here’s a Great Father’s Day Gift for your Husband or the Other Dads in Your Life

Use this card with your Father's Day gift
Use this card with your Father’s Day gift

This book blew my mind and I handed it to my husband. It then blew his mind.

Hi Ladies! Apologies for being so direct. I think that The Working Dad’s Survival Guide would make an excellent Father’s Day gift for the dads in your life.

Most dads are working hard and doing a good job in providing for their families and being involved, loving dads. But we all could use some help, advice and encouragement. that’s why I wrote The Working Dad’s Survival Guide– it is full of relatable stories and advice that dads can use right now to make the work-family juggle a little easier.

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My Recommended 2015 Father’s Day Books

In addition to my book, The Working Dad’s Survival Guide, (you can buy it here!), several other fatherhood related books are now available. While I haven’t read all of them yet, I know most of these authors and respect their work. These books would make great father’s day gifts for the dads in your life, and I recommend you start dropping hints to your spouse and kids right now.

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