Follow FWF, Raise Money for the National Fatherhood Initiative! (Update)

I am very grateful that, in the two months of FWF, we’ve built a readership and community.  According to’s site statistics, we’ve had over 3000 page views- that’s over 130 per post.  Thank you for coming to the blog, and especially for coming back.

But I’m not satisfied with a small but growing active readership- I want world domination! a large and growing active readership!

In my day job, I’m a management professor, so I always teach my students about the power of goal-setting and well-aligned incentives.  A few weeks ago, I set a goal for the blog: 100 readers who follow FWF through email, Twitter or WordPress by the end of the year.

Follow the Blog, Help a Worthy Cause

For incentive, I am donating $2 for every reader who signs up to follow the blog by the end of the year to the National Fatherhood Initiative, a well-established, national not-for-profit whose mission is to: “To improve the well-being of children by increasing the proportion of children growing up with involved, responsible, and committed fathers.” They provide resources, training and skill-building workshops for fathers all over the country, and pay special attention to helping military families and those in low-income communities.  This seems like an appropriate charity for FWF and something we can all get behind.

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