Supporting Military Families: Fathers, Work and Family’s 2nd Annual Fundraiser

This Veterans’ Day, I am launching a fund-raiser for the National Military Family Association. Please join me in supporting our veterans and their families.

Join me in supporting the National Military Family Association
Join me in supporting the National Military Family Association

The basic premise of this blog is that balancing work and family can be hard for dads, and we all could use some help in facing this challenge. If a cushy-job-tenured-professor like me often struggles, I can barely imagine the challenges men in the US military face (see here for a guest post by a military dad discussing handling work stress).

In his book, Mark Owen, Navy Seal and the author of “No Easy Day” (a book I highly recommend), discusses the work-family conflict challenges facing military families:

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Follow the Fathers, Work and Family Blog: Raise Money for the National Fatherhood Initiative!

I am very grateful that, in the first month and a half of FWFblog, we’ve built a readership and community.  According to’s site statistics, FWF is at over 2000 page views- that’s over 130 views per post.  Thank you for coming to the blog, and especially for coming back.

But I’m not satisfied with a small but growing active readership- I want world domination! a large and growing active readership!

Maybe this cute picture of me and Nicky will persuade you to support the National Fatherhood Initiative

In my day job, I’m a management professor, so I always teach my students about the power of goal-setting and well-aligned incentives.  So, I have set a goal for the blog: 100 readers who follow the FWF through email, Twitter or WordPress by the end of the year.   Right now, we’re at 29, so we have a way to go.

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