My Latest at GMP: “How Drivel Like Hanna Rosin’s ‘Men Are Obsolete’ Harms Both Men and Women

Like most societal challenges, the effort to promote work-family balance will only succeed when both men and women work together. A recent article in sets progress back by denigrating men as obsolete. Here’s my recent article at Good Men Project in which I explain why such unserious journalism undermines what should be a dual-gender effort for more equality, opportunity and choice for all (please click on the picture for the full article).

A screencap of my recent Good Men Project article refuting Hanna Rosin's absurd claim that "Men Are Obsolete"
A screencap of my recent Good Men Project article refuting Hanna Rosin’s absurd claim that “Men Are Obsolete”

What do you think about arguments like “The End of Men”? Let’s discuss in the comments section.

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Watch Me on Huffington Post Live!

I was happy to be asked to join a panel of experts and parents on HuffPost Live for a half-hour live show,  “Leaning Together,” about Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” and Lisa Belkin’s article about how, in order for women to “Lean In” to careers, men have to do more at home.

A screencap of my 3/19/13 appearance on Huff Post Live!
A screencap of my 3/19/13 appearance on Huff Post Live!

The segment originally aired Wednesday afternoon, but you can watch it here at your leisure. (please follow the link, stupid WordPress doesn’t embed video very well)

It was a great discussion about careers, gender, and the division of paid and household work between couples. I defend men as more involved than they are often given credit for, and emphasize the importance of discussing your priorities and career goals with your spouse, and acting like a true team in order to support each other.

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Recent Pew Survey Shows Progress and Challenges for Dads’ Work-Family Balance

Recent surveys show that more dads are stepping up at home, while maintaining their commitments to their careers. In many ways, this marks progress, but also presents challenges to involved working dads. How can we better handle these challenges?

A slideshow of Pew’s Findings:
Modern Parenthood
Men Are Committed to Both Work and Family

There is growing evidence from the recently released Pew Research Center study of parenthood, as well as from Boston College’s Center for Work and Family and the Families and Work Institute that men are facing increasing work-family conflict and stress as they expand their involvement in the home and with their kids, but continue to feel pressure to provide and to stay fully dedicated to their employers.

In some ways, it is the converse of what working women have been facing for some time. Men are expanding their commitment to home, while facing pressure to maintain their time and commitment in the workplace- in short, men face many of the same challenges as women in terms of “having it all”.

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Bushmaster and the Cult of Masculinity

A few people have asked me whether I, as a dad of a seven-year old, was going to write anything about the tragedy in Connecticut.  I replied that I had no expertise or anything unique or helpful to say- I’m just as pissed and sad as everyone else, and who wants to read a story about how I embarrassed Nick by hugging him for too long as he got off the school bus.

So, I’m not writing about Newtown. But I did come across this advertisement for the gun used in the mass murder, and it got me thinking about the signals our society still gives men about who they are expected to be.

What do messages like this demonstrate about how we view “men” in our society?

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