Expert Q&A with Dr. Greg Marcus, Author of “Busting Your Corporate Idol”

Here’s an interview with friend, life-balance coach and author Greg Marcus about his book, his journey to a more balanced life and his advice for working dads.

Author and life balance coach Greg Marcus.
Author and life balance coach Greg Marcus.

1. You’ve said that your mission is to help chronically overworked people find life balance. What makes you so passionate on this topic?

Chronic overwork is a terrible lifestyle. Overworked people eat poorly, feel exhausted and stressed, exercise less, have less time with the people they care about, have less and worse sex, are at a higher risk for depression, and die younger. That used to be me. I am absolutely convinced that if I had kept working 90 hours a week in corporate job, I would be dead or have survived a major health crisis. I’m happy to say that I found a way to cut my hours by over a third without changing jobs, and went on to have the most productive and lucrative years of my career working 40-50 hours a week.

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My Interview with “Daddy Blogger” on Work-Family Balance for Dads

Ricky Shetty of Daddy Blogger recently interviewed me for his blog and youtube channel. [youtube] The interview is about 17 minutes long, and we cover a range of topics: General advice for dads The different joys and challenges kids of different ages present for dads Advice for new, first-time and expectant dads Enjoying your … Read more

How a Working Dad (*me*) Champions Work-Family Balance (repost from

The folks at were nice enough to interview me for a feature on their website. Here’s a copy of the article.

How a Working Dad Champions Work-Family Balance

by:  FlexJobs Director of Content & Community interviewed me, and made me look really good. Thanks!!!! interviewed me, and made me look really good. Thanks!!!!

Scott Behson wears quite a few hats. He’s an Associate Professor of Management and a popular blogger on the topics of fatherhood, work, and family. He’s also a husband and father, and his academic research focuses on the topics of workplace flexibility and work-family balance. Naturally, we couldn’t wait to talk to Scott! Read on for some great anecdotes about how husbands can help their wives “lean in” to their careers, how being a father can make you better at your job, and some great resources for working parents.

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