Employers: This Father’s Day, Give the Gift of Paternity Leave

Please share this Father’s Day card with every supervisor, manager and HR professional you know. Let them know that paternity leave is good for employees, families- and business!

Friday Humor: What People Think Telecommuters Do…

what people think i do telecommute
What People Think Telecommuters Do

This is my first attempt at a meme–feedback is appreciated. Have a great weekend!

Next week, I’ll run an article about 3 common forms of work flexibility and a Q&A with the author of a great new parenting book.

Making Memes: Staying Connected To My Son While Away On Business Travel

Little things mean a lot. Here’s a small silly thing I did to stay connected with my son while away on business travel.

Making memes is a silly little thing Nick and I do together, so I made him some memes while I was away on business

Last week, Jason Swann wrote a guest post here with some great advice about staying connected with your kids while traveling for work. (see here for his fun blog)

After describing the rhythms of his household before and during his travel, Jason provided some great advice:

The point is, dads, we are missed. A lot. A WHOLE lot. I read on a post recently that a dad has four girls that make him feel like a member of the Beatles when he gets home. We’re all rock stars to our children, and we can take care of our “fans” by taking a bit of care with how we leave them for our work trips. It will pay dividends in the end to pay attention to how we deal with being gone, as our little ones are dealing with us being gone. So I’ve looked around the web, read, asked, cajoled, and uncovered to find what we can do when we have to be away. The list is organic, so use or don’t, add to or take away.

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