Follow the Fathers, Work and Family Blog: Raise Money for the National Fatherhood Initiative!

I am very grateful that, in the first month and a half of FWFblog, we’ve built a readership and community.  According to’s site statistics, FWF is at over 2000 page views- that’s over 130 views per post.  Thank you for coming to the blog, and especially for coming back.

But I’m not satisfied with a small but growing active readership- I want world domination! a large and growing active readership!

Maybe this cute picture of me and Nicky will persuade you to support the National Fatherhood Initiative

In my day job, I’m a management professor, so I always teach my students about the power of goal-setting and well-aligned incentives.  So, I have set a goal for the blog: 100 readers who follow the FWF through email, Twitter or WordPress by the end of the year.   Right now, we’re at 29, so we have a way to go.

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