Embedding Work-Family Programs in Your Organization

I’m increasingly convinced that, if work-family programs are designed as a separate, stand-alone policies, they are less likely to be successful. Instead, the values behind work-family programs need to be embedded through all of the ways in which we manage our employees. Please watch this video I recorded with World at Work, the leading professional organization … Read more

Why I’m Excited About Amazon’s 30-Hour Work Week Experiment

Working a reduced schedule- something like a 30-hour work week- is often touted as a good alternate for working parents. Employees get reduced pay for reduced work, but keep their benefits. The employer keeps the employee, reducing turnover. What’s not to like? In practice, a 30-hour work week hardly ever works out well. The employee has “outed” … Read more

A Lesson for Future Working Parents

Looking forward to a new semester at FDU, where I'll meet a new crop of future working parents
Looking forward to a new semester at FDU, where I’ll meet a new crop of future working parents (apologies for the dorkiness of this picture)

Here’s a lesson for future working parents, and for those of us already in the thick of juggling work and life.

As a business school professor and an advocate for work-family balance, I feel a certain obligation to not only teach my students what they need to be great business leaders, but also help them gain a perspective that will help them lead a balanced life.

My semester begins today, and I’d like to share an appropriate excerpt from my book, The Working Dad’s Survival Guide, in which I share some advice for my students, most of whom are future working parents:

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We Should All Have a Boss Like Joe Biden

Yesterday, a friend sent this to me on twitter:

I think this is tremendous, and sets a great example. The message for managers and bosses everywhere is simple: If Vice President Joe Biden can support the family lives of his employees, so can you. I mean, is his job any less important than yours?

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Thank You, Working Mother Magazine. Signed Working Dads.

My salute to Working Mother Magazine, on behalf of working dads
My salute to Working Mother Magazine, on behalf of working dads

For 30 years, Working Mother Magazine has blazed a trail that has helped all working parents- including dads.

This week marks the 30th anniversary of Working Mother Magazine’s annual list of top employers for working moms. To mark this event, they asked 30 work-life experts and advocates to share their thoughts about Working Mother’s impact over the years. I am honored to have been asked to contribute. Here’s my tribute to Working Mother Magazine:

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200 Business Professors for Paid Family Leave

I/m not alone in supporting paid family leave. Here's why
I’m not alone in supporting paid family leave. Join us.

200 business professors support paid family leave and have petitioned Congress. Here’s why.

Business school professors are situated at a very interesting crossroads.

On one hand, we are very well connected to the business community. Most of us interact with executives and managers on an ongoing basis. We keep up with industry best practices. Many consult with leading firms. We write for practitioner outlets and trade magazines. We provide executive training and education to those near the top of organizational charts, as well as MBA classes to those on the first few rungs of the ladder. In many ways, and through many means, we are very plugged into the concerns of the business community.

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