Embedding Work-Family Programs in Your Organization

I’m increasingly convinced that, if work-family programs are designed as a separate, stand-alone policies, they are less likely to be successful. Instead, the values behind work-family programs need to be embedded through all of the ways in which we manage our employees. Please watch this video I recorded with World at Work, the leading professional organization … Read more

What You Should Know About Telecommuting: Part 1- The Benefits

Telecommuting has received a burst of media attention. It is increasingly clear that telecommuting is more varied, more common and more beneficial than commonly perceived. Here’s what research shows about the benefits of telecommuting for both employers and employees.

what people think i do telecommute

In this series of articles on telework, I will highlight the work of researchers, company best practices, and the experiences of  telecommuting employees. This first article focuses on the benefits of telecommuting as found in two recent reputable studies.

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October is National Work and Family Month!

October is National Work and Family Month. To start us off, here’s some information on the current state of work and family.

October is National Work and Family Month

…and I’m proud to be part of the cause.

October isn't just for Halloween anymore (my family as the Star Wars gang!)
October isn’t just for Halloween anymore (my family as the Star Wars gang!)

World at Work and its Alliance for Work-Life Progress, as well as many other organizations and advocates (include yours truly) are participating in National Work and Family Month (#WAWNWFM) in order to raise awareness of work and family issues. Part of this effort is a blogfest on the Huffington Post (of which I will be a part), plus events and social media outreach throughout the month.

Robin Hardman wrote an excellent blog piece, entitled “Musings on National Work and Family Month” to get things kicked off. In the piece, she discusses the progress being made in raising awareness of work and family concerns. Hardman provides a chart of the number of times “work-family balance” appeared in the New York Times over the past two decades. Her findings are very encouraging:

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