Best Microfiber Sofa – Top 5 Models Reviewed by an Expert

Over the years, the microfiber sofa has made a name for itself in the market. They’re versatile, easy to clean and maintain, and can be found in a plethora of unique designs and colors. Thus, microfiber sofas are some of the best value-for-money products out there!

However, if you plan on getting a microfiber sofa, you’d likely opt for the best microfiber sofa out there! Because for a piece of furniture that takes up the majority of your living room, your sofa needs to be top-notch!

Our expert team of reviewers has conducted rigorous bits of research to find the best products for you in this article. Let’s begin!

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Restar Microfiber Sofa Sets for Living Room | L-shaped
Restar Microfiber Sofa Sets for Living Room | L-shapedCheck Price

Lifestyle Solutions | Grayson Microfiber Sofa | Black
Lifestyle Solutions | Grayson Microfiber Sofa | BlackCheck Price

Serta Copenhagen | 78” Microfiber Sofa | Pillowed Back Cushions
Serta Copenhagen | 78” Microfiber Sofa | Pillowed Back CushionsCheck Price

Lifestyle Solutions | Austin Curved | Microfiber Sofa | Coffee
Lifestyle Solutions | Austin Curved | Microfiber Sofa | CoffeeCheck Price

Pearington | Mia Microfiber Sofa | Multi-Position | Extra Storage
Pearington | Mia Microfiber Sofa | Multi-Position | Extra StorageCheck Price

Best Microfiber Sofa Reviews

Sofas’ are arguably the most crucial piece of furniture in our house. They’re the center stage of our living room, and thus, they’re often the most favorite piece of furniture for us. If you’re looking for a microfiber sofa, check out our reviews!

1. Restar Microfiber Sofa Sets for Living Room | L-shaped

Suppose you’re looking for a microfiber sofa that looks premium, with a high-end texture, compared to the typical polyester-like materials. In that case, we have the perfect product for you! This sofa set from Restar will definitely meet your criteria!

This unique set is made keeping in mind the contemporary design aesthetics. The elegant material, the amazing grey color, and the unique L-shaped design can easily fit any modern household design aesthetic.

Moreover, this microfiber sofa has a memory foam material on top. As a result, it’s very comfortable to sit since the foam recognizes your body.

This is especially good for people who struggle with back pain or require a BBL pillow.

The sofa set is very easy to assemble. You need a fundamental knowledge of product assembly to put the microfiber sofa sets together. There’s not a lot of tools or complicated maneuvers involved in the assembly.

The material is made of a microfiber build with memory foam on the inside, a solid wood frame, and plastic legs at its side. The build quality is top-notch, and the finish is high-end—a perfect, long-lasting fit for any household.

Key Features

  • Modern, minimalist design
  • The unique memory foam material
  • Easy to clean
  • Water and stain proof
  • Comes with a recliner

2. Lifestyle Solutions | Grayson Microfiber Sofa | Black

If you’re looking for something versatile that can easily fit into your home’s design aesthetic, we recommend getting a black microfiber sofa recliner. And the Grayson microfiber sofa from Microfiber solutions is an ideal fit for that!

Made from top-notch microfiber polyester, this microfiber sofa has a strong wooden frame and robust wooden legs to hold the material together. As a result, this microfiber sofa recliner will last you a few good years without any hassle.

Furthermore, both the seating foam and the back foam are made of high-density materials. As a result, the seating experience is very comfortable.

You won’t feel any sort of discomfort or pain while sitting, which is one of the best features of this sofa.

The assembly is a breeze, just click everything in place, and you’re good to go. There are no tools or tinkering required in assembly, so it’s as easy as it gets.

Moreover, the unique black design is an easy fit into your house. Pair it up with any coffee table with sectional, and you already have a modern room design. The color makes it an easy fit into any household.

Key Features

  • Versatile black color
  • High-end microfiber polyester build
  • Wooden frame and legs
  • High-density foam on all sides
  • No tools required to assemble

3. Serta Copenhagen | 78” Microfiber Sofa | Pillowed Back Cushions

Finding the perfect microfiber sofa set for small living rooms can be a bit hard. Most manufacturers design their products based on larger rooms, so you might not find them easily. And that’s where this product comes in.

The Microfiber sofa from Serta Copenhagen is 78-inch in length. As a result, it can fit into any house, office, or dorm room design effortlessly. Ideal for people with small living rooms or a lot of furniture in their living rooms.

The design here is effortless. There are refined cushions at the back with soft, rounded arms at the sides.

Ideal for any design aesthetic, whether you have a living room with a modern design or the classic one.

Furthermore, the entire sofa is covered with soft, high-density foam, and the back cushions are soft and cozy. As a result, sitting is an enjoyable experience for your back always. Especially ideal for people who struggle with back pain.

Another advantage is that this microfiber sofa is pretty small. So you can use it with other sofas, loveseats, couches, tables, etc., to make your unique designs and layouts. You can’t necessarily do that with other sofas due to their size.

Key Features

  • Length of 78 inches
  • Classic, minimal design
  • Easy to attach
  • Round, foam attached hands
  • Back cushions for additional comfort

4. Lifestyle Solutions | Austin Curved | Microfiber Sofa | Coffee

If you’re tired of the conventional black and grey microfiber sofas, we got you covered! This unique Austin curved, coffee-colored microfiber is perfect for you. Easily a contender for the title of the best microfiber sofa out there!

To begin with, the material is a polyester upholstery microfiber material, ideal for any household sofa. The material is very comfortable and doesn’t form lumps. As a result, it’s longevity is top-notch when compared to competitors.

Besides, the sofa has curved arms wrapped in foam, which makes hand placement much more effortless.

You’d be surprised at just how ergonomic the arms are once you place your hands on the sofas’ arms.

Furthermore, a special high-density foam has been used to make the seat as well as the back parts. As a result, seating is very comfortable, and there’s adequate support for your back. If you love to sit on your sofa and work, this is an ideal pick for you!

While the assembly is tool-less and straightforward, don’t think this is weak! The material is relatively strong and sturdy. The sofa can withstand a weight of up to 790lbs, so you won’t ever have to worry about it breaking due to use.

Key Features

  • Made of upholstery microfiber material
  • Curved arms with foam covering
  • High-density foam
  • Can withstand up to 790lbs

5. Pearington | Mia Microfiber Sofa | Multi-Position | Extra Storage

If you’re struggling with storage and need a place to keep everything organized, we got the right product for you! An ideal sofa that also has additional storage for you to keep everything in place and organized!

To begin with, this microfiber sofa sectional can be moved to three different positions. You can use it simply as a sofa, tilt the back part slightly to lounge around, or simply lay it down flat for a makeshift bed. One of the most versatile products we could find!

Furthermore, you can lift up the bottom cushion for additional storage space as well. You can use it to store different household stuff.

This is great for people who struggle to keep things organized in small houses.

The sofa is made of high-end microfiber material on top of the cushions. While the internal structure is made of hardwood. As a result, the material is very sturdy and long-lasting. Also, due to hardwood, it can withstand a fair bit of pressure as well.

Also, to make sure it’s the perfect lounging option for you, the product comes with two complimentary pillows. The pillows are soft yet great for lying down. They can easily be used as decor for your sofa as well. Besides, you can choose some L shaped sofa.

Key Features

  • Can be moved to three different positions
  • Easy to assemble
  • Additional storage space
  • Complimentary pillows with the sofa

Things to Consider Before Buying a Microfiber Sofa

Best Microfiber Sofa

If you’re planning to get a microfiber sofa, you should opt for the best one. However, you need to keep a few factors in check before making a purchase. These include:


While this is self-explanatory, the color of your sofa should be your first priority when getting a microfiber sofa sectional. Generally, microfiber sofas are available in a plethora of colors, so you have many options to choose from.

However, when choosing a color, make sure it’s coherent with the other colors in your living room. Otherwise, it would like like a cluttered mess. If you’re maintaining a theme, ensure it matches the theme.


The design of your microfiber sofa should also reflect the rest of your house. Currently, there are a lot of sofa designs available. So, you have to make up your mind about what kind of sofa you want.

If you have a modern design for your living room, you’d need to have a sofa that radiates the same design. Similarly, a modern-designed sofa in a rustic home design would feel out of place.

Also, prioritize things like convenience and comfort in your design. An ergonomic design would be more beneficial to you than a fancy design. So, keep that in check as well.


When it comes to material, comfort, efficiency, and longevity should be your priority. We recommend that you get a comfortable material and doesn’t form lumps for the outer covering of the cushion.

When it comes to the frame, we recommend getting a hardwood frame. They last longer than others and won’t break or get damaged easily. Try to avoid plastic frames because they aren’t very sturdy.

Also, for the microfiber sofa, go for either a high-density cushion or a memory foam. They’re comfortable to sit on and will be kind to your back as well. Albeit they’re a bit expensive, they’re absolutely worth the money!

Additional Features

Some microfiber sofas come with additional features that can be helpful at times. For example, some sofas can be shifted to makeshift beds or have additional space underneath the sofa.

While these features don’t make a night and day difference, they can definitely make your life better. So, check the features to see if anything could significantly improve your experience.

FAQs一Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is the easiest way to clean a microfiber sofa?

One of the best features of a microfiber sofa is that most stains don’t last long. If something spills on your sofa, wait for it to dry and then clean it away with a rug, and you’re good to go!

2. Are microfiber sofas better than leather?

Microfiber sofas’ are generally cheaper than leather sofas. However, one of the best advantages of microfiber sofa recliner is that they’re much easier to clean. Also, the microfiber sofa sectional is more durable than leather.

3. Can microfiber cause allergies?

In simple words, no! Microfiber is a hydrocarbon-based material made from polyester. So, the chances of someone being allergic to microfiber is very slim.

However, if you have dust allergies, you might struggle with dust being stuck with your sofa. So make sure to clean your sofa regularly.

4. How to choose the right microfiber sofa for me?

In order to choose the right microfiber sofa, you have to take a few things into account. These include choosing the right color, design, material, and utility. Furthermore, make sure the price is reasonable, and you’re good to go!

5. How long does a microfiber sofa last?

Generally, a good-quality microfiber sofa will easily last 5 years. However, if you’re cautious about it and take care of your product, it can last much longer than anticipated.

Final Words

Microfiber sofas are a sustainable alternative when compared to the conventional sofa. They’re easy to use, affordable, and can be found in a plethora of colors and designs. Moreover, they’re sustainable when compared to leather or other materials.

If you’re looking for a microfiber sofa, it’s likely that you’d want the best. In this article, we’ve presented a few microfiber sofa sectional that could easily go down as the best microfiber sofa out there. We hope you found this helpful!