Rope Lights for Crown Molding

Best Rope Lights for Crown Molding – Recommendations For 2021

Trends are changing every day. People are looking for more cost-effective and sustainable products. They are replacing the traditional lights with LED lights. Now people are using rope lights for decorating their residence.

Everyone is using rope lights for crown molding nowadays. But getting the best rope lights for crown molding is not easy. As there are a lot of products in the market. So it is hard to select authentic ones.

Therefore, our research has spent a lot of time picking the best rope light for your convenience. We will be discussing the top five LED lights that are durable, cost-efficient, and sustainable.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Govee Smart Rope Lights for Crown Molding | Voice Control
Govee Smart Rope Lights for Crown Molding | Voice ControlCheck Price

AILBTON Rope Lights for Crown Molding | Attachable
AILBTON Rope Lights for Crown Molding | AttachableCheck Price

SURNIE Rope Lights for Crown Molding | Waterproof
SURNIE Rope Lights for Crown Molding | WaterproofCheck Price

Ollny Rope Lights for Crown Molding | Remote Control
Ollny Rope Lights for Crown Molding | Remote ControlCheck Price

DINGFU Rope Lights for Crown Molding | 100 Feet
DINGFU Rope Lights for Crown Molding | 100 FeetCheck Price

Best Rope Lights for Crown Molding Reviews

In this section, we will be discussing the top five rope lights for crown molding. Hopefully, you will find the light that meets all your needs.

1. Govee Smart Rope Lights for Crown Molding | Voice Control

Have you ever wondered if you can control the rope lights with your voice? This might seem like a dream product. But Govee Smart has brought such rope light that can be controlled with voice.

This strip light works with both google assistant and Alexa. There is no need to use your hand to control the light. You can power your light off and on using your voice. You can also change the color and adjust the brightness level.

The Glover smart offers an app to control your light. You can get advanced control through this app and can get access to incredible features.

You can set customized DIY mode and a timer function. So the lights will turn off automatically after the time you set on the timer.

The light includes a built-in mic that allows syncing to any music. You can control the music using the app. The light is very easy to use. You will need no advanced tools to set this light.

This light comes with a strong adhesive, ETL listed adapter, and 5 support clips. You have to attach the light to a clean and dry surface. For more security, you can reinforce the lights with the clips.

Key Features

  • Can be controlled by an app
  • Built-in mic
  • Easy to install
  • Incredible features

2. AILBTON Rope Lights for Crown Molding | Attachable

Due to its unique features, Alibton is the best crown molding home depot. This has a fireproof power adapter. The fireproof adapter meets the most rigorous and intricate tests. This has a built-in protective circuit. So the line will automatically shut off once the current is overloaded.

You will get a connector with the LED light. So you can cut the strip from the cutting marks. And reconnect the parts. You can customize the length as you need. This comes with strong self-adhesive. You will need no extra tool to install the lights. You will get extra 20 pieces.

You can light up your house with this colorful light. This will add vivid color to the background. You can use this behind your bed, computer monitor, TV, and anywhere you want to. This has different color changing options. That will make your work more casual.

These rope lights are very long. With its 65.5 feet length, you can cover the whole house. And you can light up your house with your dream color. This has adjustable brightness.

You can adjust the brightness from 1 percent to 100 percent. You can use low brightness for sleeping, medium brightness for a cool atmosphere, and high brightness for illumination.

Key Features

  • Adjustable brightness
  • Super long
  • Adjustable color
  • Attachable parts

3. SURNIE Rope Lights for Crown Molding | Waterproof

If you want to decorate the outdoors of your house with LED lights then you can check this one. Surnie rope LED lights are very suitable for outdoor and indoor decoration. The power adapter of the light is also well protected. The price of these LED lights is very reasonable.

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The length of the rope light for crown molding is adjustable. Without making any damage you can trim the strip. The inner connectors are user friendly. So you can shorten and extend the length of the strip easily. Usually flat shape fits better with the attachment.

The LED lights are water-resistant. This has a protection level of IP65. so you can use this outside of your home, in the swimming pool, roof and main entrance. This has also a long lifetime. You can use this for more than 50000 hours.

The lights are super flexible to use. You can convert this into any shape and size for your decorative requirements. This will give you a very bright color with its 300k color temperature. This has a 50 ft length and can cover a big area.

Key Features

  • 300k color temperature
  • User-friendly inner connectors
  • IP65 protection level
  • water resistance

4. Ollny Rope Lights for Crown Molding | Remote Control

Who does not want a multi-color rope light? Ollny has 16 different colors. You will get almost every color in one LED crown molding light. You can show your creativity using this light. You can make your environment colorful and cheerful.

The light is remote controlled. You can control the best rope lights for crown molding with a small remote. There will be four light modes. You can choose among fed, asyn fade, jump, and asyn jump. You can also adjust the speed of light flashing.

You can twist this light. You can twist this around the trees, illuminate windows, place them on fences and stair posts, bedroom shelves or furniture, and more. This is very easy to use and you can change the color according to the decoration scheme.

This light has a timer option. So you can select time after which the light will shut down. This will let the light automatically on after 6 hours and off after 18 hours per day. There will be 100 LED lights per strip. You will get one year of free customer service.

This light is USB powered. This works perfectly with a 5V low voltage. You can use these lights anywhere you want to. These rope lights are more convenient to use indoors.

Key Features 

  • Remote controlled
  • 5V low voltage USB powered
  • Can be twisted
  • More than 16 colors

5. DINGFU Rope Lights for Crown Molding | 100 Feet

Everyone wants a super flexible and adjustable light so that they can use this anywhere they want to. DINGFU is very flexible and can be bent into any shape. This will meet your different decoration needs.

These rope lights for crown molding are 100 ft long. You can cover a whole house with this light. This is very safe to use. The light is UL certified which proves that this light is safe for humans. This has a high-quality PVC jack that is UV resistant. This protects the light from damage.

The main advantage of the light is this is waterproof.  This is an IP65 level waterproof rope light. So you can use thin on any occasion, season and weather.

The thickness of the light is 0.4 inches. This light is covered with crystal clear PVC tubing.

If you use this light, you will get very good customer service. They provide a money-back guarantee if you face any problem or are not satisfied with the product. Customer service will always be there to help you out.

Key Features

  • A very good customer service
  • UL certified waterproof lights
  • Safe for human
  • Can be bent into any shape

Things to Consider Before Buying Rope Lights for Crown Molding

Best Rope Lights for Crown Molding

Most people buy LED rope lights for decorative purposes. So they want this to be good and want to have a great experience. Knowing the best crown molding at home depot is not enough to get the perfect light for you. You will need to know some other elements and instructions to get the right LED light that meets your requirements. You can also look at some wall paintings for the bedroom to decorate your home.

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First, you need to determine where you want to use the LED lights. If you want to decorate your indoor with lights where there will be no touch of water, you can simply take a LED light that is not water-resistant. But if you wish to use the light outside like in the pool corner, tree, and more then you will need a water-resistant light. Water-resistant light might cost a bit high. But this is suitable for any weather condition like rainy, dusty, and snowy day.


Different rope lights come in different sizes. You can get a small size light and also a large size light. This will depend on your preference. When you want to cover a big area, you will need a long light with more than 70 feet. There are also some lights of 100 feet. If you want to use the light in your whole house then you will need a long one. And for decorating different corners and small areas you will need small light.


Adjustable LED lights will let you cut the light into any size and rejoin them from wherever you want to. There are many advantages of adjustable lights. An adjustable light can be cut into any shape. This is very convenient to work with. If you are buying a rope light try to look for the adjustable one. In most cases, you do not need to use the whole length of the light at once. You need to cut that. In these cases, adjustable lights will be helpful.

Remote Control

For Controlling the LED with a remote, you can choose the remote control light. Many advantages come with a controllable light. You can adjust the brightness, can turn off and on the light with a single switch. You can control the brightness according to the occasion. You can also set a timer with the remote. This will also save energy.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Are the lights twistable?

Not all the lights can be bent. But some of the lights are twistable. If twistable lights are your preference, you can easily get one in the market.

2. Is the rope light waterproof?

This depends on the light that you are purchasing.

If you select the best crown molding home depot, you can get waterproof lights.

3. Are those lights safe to use?

Yes, they are.

Most of the good quality lights are safe to use. But if you are too concerned about safety, try to get the one that is UL certified.

4. Can I control the brightness?

Yes, you can.

Most of the LED lights have controllable brightness. You can adjust the brightness according to your preference.

5. How long is the LED light?

The length of the lights varies for different brands. You can get the length of up to 100 feet.

Final Words

You have been introduced to the best rope lights for crown molding. We have also mentioned every detail with the key features for your convenience. You also know the elements and instructions that you should know before buying a rope light. Now you are ready to get the LED lights to decorate your home. If you find this article helpful, share this with your friends. You can also check some track lighting for the art gallery from our list.

Have a Good Lighting!